Retinal Imaging

Retinal Imaging

Have you been told that you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes? Do you often experience headaches, floaters or even flashing lights? Retinal imaging can be an excellent tool to monitor and check the health of a patient’s retina and overall eye health. Wondering what exactly a retina is? Your retina is a thin layer of tissue which lines the back of your eye, receiving light which is focused by the lens of your eye. The retina converts this light into neural signals, sending them to the brain for the “picture” you see. Interested in scheduling your appointment for your comprehensive eye exam with retinal imaging? Contact Thornhill Vision Care today, we’d be happy to get you on our schedule.

About Retinal Imaging

With retinal imaging, your eye doctor at Thornhill Vision Care can take a digital image of your eye, showing the retina, optic disc (part of the optic nerve) and blood vessels. Although retinal imaging does not replace the need for a regular eye examination, it can add another layer of precision to your comprehensive examination.

Importance of Retinal Imaging

At Thornhill Vision Care, we recommend retinal imaging for all of our patients to ensure the best diagnostics possible. It is however much more important that those with glaucoma, retinal diseases, high blood pressure, and even diabetes receive retinal imaging more often.

Schedule Retinal Imaging

Want to make sure your eyes are as healthy as possible? Contact Thornhill Vision Care today for a comprehensive eye examination with retinal imaging, we are always accepting new patients into our practice and would be more than happy to get you on our schedule for an appointment. You can also book your appointment online today.

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