Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment

Do your eyes often sting or itch? Notice your vision is blurry or your eyes seem to be leaking mucus? You may be suffering from a very common condition known as dry eyes. In fact, it is estimated over 3,200,000 Americans are currently suffering from dry eye disease. Our eyes are designed to produce tears at varying levels. However, some people do not generate enough tears to keep their eyes healthy and hydrated. Various factors such as lifestyle, health and even medications can increase a patient’s risk of developing dry eye syndrome. Think you may suffer from dry eyes? Contact Thornhill Vision Care today for your appointment!

Dry Eye Symptoms

Not sure if you may suffer from dry eyes, allergies or some other condition? Classic symptoms of dry eyes that patients report include eye irritation, itching, stinging, blurry vision, and even mucus production. Many patients report having excessive tearing at times which is typically in response to the discomfort being experienced.

Age has a big impact on dry eye disease as well due to the fact that tear production tends to decline as we age. Many health conditions such as diabetes or even Sjögren’s syndrome can also cause symptoms of dry eye. Interested in scheduling an examination for dry eyes in Thornhill? Give us a call right away.

Treatment for Dry Eyes

Not sure if you suffer from dry eyes? During your comprehensive eye examination at Thornhill Vision Care, your eye doctor will be able to diagnose dry eye. Tear production may also need to be measured which includes placing thin strips of filter paper between the eyelid and eyeball. Diagnostic eye drops can also be used to check for any areas of dryness on the eye surface.

At Thornhill Vision Care we offer various Thornhill dry eye treatment options which include eye drops and even blocking the tear ducts. Avoiding dry air, wind, allergies and tobacco smoke can also help to reduce symptoms.

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