Lens Solutions and Coatings

Lens Solutions and Coatings

Thinking about purchasing new eyeglasses, but aren’t sure if you could benefit from special lens coatings or solutions? Lens coatings are the perfect option for enhancing the appearance, performance and even durability of your eyeglasses, whether you need single vision, progressive or even bifocal lenses. At Thornhill Vision Care, we are proud to offer a variety of lens coatings and solutions for our patients.

Anti-Reflective Eyeglass Coating

Anti-reflective coating for eyeglass lenses (also commonly called anti-glare or even AR coating) is a multilayer eyeglass coating which when applied can eliminate reflections from both the front and back surfaces of your eyeglass lenses. Anti-glare coating makes your lenses look nearly invisible, allowing others to focus on your eyes while speaking to you, not the reflections in your lenses. Anti-reflective coating can also be great for eliminating glare caused by light which reflects from your glasses, improving vision for night-time driving, reading, and even computer use.

Scratch-Resistant Eyeglass Coating

Although it is impossible to make eyeglass lenses completely scratch-proof, with a scratch-resistant coating on your eyeglasses you can, however, add additional protection. Scratch-resistant coatings for eyeglasses provide a harder surface, preventing scratching. We recommend anti-scratch eyeglass coatings for all children’s lenses as it can help a lot with durability.

UV Protective Eyeglass Coating

Want UV protection without wearing sunglasses? With UV protective coatings for eyeglasses, an invisible dye can actually be used to block ultraviolet (UV) light. It works quite similar to sunscreen and can help reduce your risk of cataracts, retinal damage, and other eye conditions related to UV exposure.

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