Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Thornhill Vision Care in Thornhill, we are dedicated to our patients and their optical health. Our goal is to help you maintain optimal eye health. We recommend comprehensive eye exams for all of our patients as it is an extremely vital part of providing the best eye care possible. Have perfect vision? Even those that don’t think they have any problems should visit their eye doctor routinely, as many eye-related conditions actually have no symptoms or warning signs early on, however, they can be detected by an eye care professional. Not only can getting your eyes checked regularly help to detect any eye issues at an early stage (making them easier to treat) it can also help to determine the overall health of your eyes. Interested in scheduling your next eye exam in Thornhill? Contact Thornhill Vision Care today, we’d be happy to get you on our schedule.

What to Expect

At Thornhill Vision Care, we strive to provide the best eye care possible, during your comprehensive eye examination in Thornhill you can expect:

  • Vision Testing

During vision testing, your optometrist will perform vision testing at all distances using an eye chart. This measures the sharpness of your vision.

  • Color Vision

During color vision testing, your eye doctor will test for any possible eye health problems that may be affecting your ability to see all colors properly.

  • Glaucoma Screening

During glaucoma screenings, an updated version of the “puff-of-air test” also known as tonometry is typically used to check the pressure inside of your eyes.

  • Additional Testing

Additional testing may also be performed including binocular vision/eye teaming evaluations, examination of the inside/outside of the eyes and more depending upon your eye health and any findings.

Typically, comprehensive eye examinations take about 30 minutes, however depending upon your eye health, eye care needs and any additional recommended testing it can vary.

How Often Should I Have A Comprehensive Exam?

When it comes to healthy adult patients, we recommend a comprehensive eye exam every 1 to 2 years, those with any eye-related conditions may need to visit more frequently. For younger children/teens, we recommend vision testing every year up to the age of 19. Children should have their first eye exam by six months of age, second around age three and then again before starting first grade.

Schedule Your Comprehensive Eye Exam in Thornhill

Ready to schedule your comprehensive eye exam? Contact Thornhill Vision Care today, we are always accepting new patients and would be more than happy to get you scheduled for an appointment.

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