Cataract Management

Cataract Management

Have you recently been experiencing blurred vision, inability to see in dim light, seeing halos around lights or even vision loss? Have you been informed that you suffer from cataracts? At Thornhill Vision Care we are proud to offer cataract management in Thornhill for our patients interested in improving their vision and managing their cataract condition. Contact Thornhill Vision Care today, we’d be more than happy to get you scheduled for a consultation.

About Cataracts

When it comes to cataracts, there are various factors that can cause a patient’s natural lens to become cloudy or opaque, directly interfering with their visual clarity. For a patient with a healthy, non-clouded eye, light can easily reach the retina located in the rear of the eye. Once the lens becomes opaque or cloudy, however, the patient will begin to experience impaired vision. Early detection of cataracts can greatly increase the success of treatment and management. We recommend visiting Thornhill Vision Care annually for comprehensive eye examinations.

Cataract Treatment

When it comes to the successful treatment of cataracts, surgery is typically the most effective way to improve vision. During the cataract surgery, your damaged natural eye lens will be extracted and replaced with a prosthetic lens. This prosthetic lens requires no special care to be maintained and the majority of patients report an extremely quick recovery and improved vision.

At Thornhill Vision Care, we understand that everyone is different and results may vary. We make sure to provide our patients with as much information as possible to make an informed and educated decision.

Cataract Management

Follow your cataracts procedure, your eye doctor will examine your eye to make sure cataract surgery was successful. Patients will not only experience improved, more clear vision but also report colors appearing more vibrant as well.

Schedule Cataract Consultation Today

Interested in treating your cataracts? Contact Thornhill Vision Care today, we are always accepting new patients into our practice and would be happy to examine your eyes to determine whether a referral for cataract surgery is right for you.

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