Contact Lens Prescriptions

Contact Lens Prescriptions

Interested in contact lenses to improve your vision? Prior to starting to wear your first pair of contact lenses, Thornhill Vision Care would be happy to provide various visual tests to determine the health of your eyes and a current prescription for contact lenses. Your eye doctor in Thornhill may also ask various questions about your lifestyle, why you want contacts, how often you plan to wear contact lenses and more! Depending upon various factors we have a range of contact lenses to choose from, whether you are interested in color contacts, soft lenses or even contacts you can sleep in, our experienced optometrist in Thornhill would be happy to help.

Contact Lens Prescriptions

Although you may have already had vision tests for glasses, it is important to get an examination for contact lenses as well. For patients that wear contacts it is important to ensure the lenses fit both eyes properly, don’t cause discomfort or irritation and do not harm the eyes in any way. Improper fitting or inaccurate contacts can actually damage the health of your eyes, cause headaches and even make your vision even worse.

Contact Lens Fitting

During your contact lens fitting in Thornhill at Thornhill Vision Care, your eye doctor will measure the surface of your eyes to help determine the size and type of contacts that would work best for you. A tear film examination may also be performed to ensure you have enough tears to wear contact lenses comfortably. Trial contact lenses will be given to you to try on and wear for about 30 minutes. Your eye doctor will also examine the fit, tear production in your eye and even movement of the contacts.

Once you have selected the perfect contact lenses, they will be ordered. Follow-up appointments may be necessary to monitor how the contact lenses are working for you.

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