Sunglasses Prescriptions

Sunglasses Prescriptions

Do you wear glasses to improve your vision and allow you to see properly? Wish there was a way to protect your eyes from UV while being able to see? At Thornhill Vision Care we are proud to offer a variety of prescription sunglasses for our patients to choose from. Receiving your prescription for sunglasses is a very similar process to receiving a regular prescription. However, we’ll help you find sunglasses and fit you for the perfect pair. Along with sunglasses, polarized, glare-resistant and other lenses can also provide UV protection without the tint. Regardless of your specific style and ultimate needs, our eye doctors would be happy to help you find the perfect prescription sunglasses for you.

Have additional questions about getting prescription sunglasses in Thornhill? Feel free to contact us today for a consultation. We would be happy to determine your sunglass prescription and help you pick the perfect pair!

Prescription Sunglasses vs. Clip-On Lenses

Considering clip-on lenses for your current eyeglasses? At Thornhill Vision Care we find that most patients prefer prescription sunglasses due to a better appearance and being less likely to misplace them. We have various stylish sunglass frames to choose from that most clip-on lenses don’t offer.

What is the Importance of UV Protection?

Although most people are completely aware of the damage that the sun can do to our skin, we don’t often hear about the damage UV can cause to our eyes. Did you know that damage to your cornea is permanent and irreversible? Sun damage to eyes is cumulative and can occur slowly over time, we recommend always protecting your eyes while outside, whether you are working or just trying to get a tan! Schedule your consultation with Thornhill Vision Care in Thornhill today. We would be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect UV protection and frames for your exact situation.

Get Prescription Sunglasses Today

Want to make sure your eyes are as protected as possible while enjoying the outdoors? Contact Thornhill Vision Care today to schedule your appointment. We would be more than happy to determine your eyeglass prescription and help you select the right sunglass frames for you.

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