Glasses Prescriptions

Glasses Prescriptions

Getting Eyeglasses Prescriptions

Notice it is becoming harder to read signs while driving or see in school? Think that it may be time for you to get eyeglasses? At Thornhill Vision Care we are proud to offer comprehensive eye examinations and various other tests to help determine how well you see and whether or not prescription eyeglasses may be required to improve your vision. Interested in scheduling your eye examination for eyeglasses prescriptions in Thornhill? Contact Thornhill Vision Care today! We’d be happy to get you scheduled for an appointment with one of our eye doctors.


During your eye examination for an eyeglass prescription, your eye doctor may perform a retinoscopy to obtain an approximate glasses prescription. During a retinoscopy, the lights will be dimmed in the room, and you will be asked to focus on an eye chart. As you stare at the eye chart, your optometrist will shine a light into your eye while flipping different lenses back and forth in front of your eye. Based upon how the light reflects from your eye, your eye doctor can estimate the lens power needed to correct your distance vision.


During your comprehensive eye exam at Thornhill Vision Care, your eye doctor may also use the refraction test to determine your exact eyeglasses prescription. During refraction testing, an instrument known as a “phoropter” is placed in front of your eyes, showing you a series of lens choices. Depending upon your answers during the testing, the lens power will be fine-tuned until the perfect prescription is determined. Refraction can help determine farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism and even presbyopia.

Get Eyeglasses Prescriptions Today

Once we have determined your eyeglass prescription, we can also assist you in picking out the perfect frames. Certain coatings can also be added to your eyewear, reducing glare, blue light exposure and more! Ready to get your eyeglass prescription? Schedule your appointment with Thornhill Vision Care today!

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