Do your eyes often sting or itch? Notice your vision is blurry or your eyes seem to be leaking mucus? You may be suffering from a very common condition known as dry eyes. In fact, over 6 million people in Canada suffer from dry eye. Our eyes are designed to produce tears at varying levels. However, some people do not generate enough tears to keep their eyes healthy and hydrated. Various factors such as lifestyle, health and even medications can increase a patient’s risk of developing dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye Assessment

Not sure if you suffer from dry eyes? During your comprehensive Dry Eye Assessment at Thornhill Vision Care, your eye doctor will be able to diagnose dry eye. Diagnostic tests will measure the quantity and quality of your tears and image your tear glands.

At Thornhill Vision Care we offer various dry eye treatment options which include iLUX® and Tempsure Envi™, as well as therapies at home. Avoiding dry air, wind, allergies and tobacco smoke can also help to reduce symptoms.


The only FDA approved handheld device for Dry Eye that uses light source heating and compression intended to help your meibomian glands express oils to protect your tears.